Our Services


Hansen Cohen Associates in Psychology serves families across many arenas, including individual and family psychological services, psychotherapy, psychological assessments, neuropsychological assessments and assisting children and parents through divorce counseling related issues. Please see our list of services, and contact us for a consultation when you’re ready to talk.


Private Mediation

Mediating family law cases to come to a resolution


Working through a large life change or wanting to make yourself a better person (no diagnosis needed)


Assessing for learning disabilities, ADHD, etc., or giftedness for placement in special programs

Individual Therapy

For both adults and children, treating a wide range of mental health disorders.

Family Therapy

Helping families resolve issues or adjust to major changes

Co-parent Therapy

Helping parents work together now that they are not together


Connecting via the internet for busy people or those with privacy needs

Expert Consultation

Preparing for trial or working through an issue surrounding a criminal, personal injury, dependency or family law case.


Limited Court Ordered Psychological Evaluations

For dependency and family courts (independent psychological evaluation of one of the parties; must be court ordered to Dr. Hansen). Note Dr. Hansen no longer does parenting evaluations/social investigations as of May 1, 2019.